Weekend Seminar

Business meetings give you the opportunity to learn those skills, steps , that would be needed to achieve your goals. Nobody was born to be a networker, and some are afraid of not knowing this profession. That is the reason why taking part on these seminars/business meetings is essential in this business. If you are willing to learn the skills needed for personal development and to achieve your goals, than your attendance is highly recommended. Everyone is aware nowadays of the trainings’ importance, therefor every multinational firm sends their employees to various trainings, teambuilding meetings.

The WES is a great opportunity to look into our bussines, how it works. What kind of people are working with us, how successful they are. It is a three day long training organized by the Network Gidofalvi team three times per year. The tickets are only available through sponsorlines.

The next WES is from 10-12th of November, 2017